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NameBlock prevents DNS Abuse, and gives your registry access to an untapped source of revenue.


What Does NameBlock Do?

NameBlock helps registries reduce DNS Abuse, gain an additional revenue stream, and helps brands and individuals protect their names online.


Prevent Abuse by blocking hundreds of variants of your domain commonly used by malicious actors. Utilizes our Variant Generator & String Evaluation Algorithms.

Exact Match Blocking

Blocks domains exactly matching your Block Label.

Wildcard Blocking

Monitor all domains registered containing the block label with instant takedown of infringing domains.

Domain Block Marketplace

NameBlock integrates with other blocking services and allows registrars to offer a multitude of blocking options across hundreds of domain extensions, including country-code extensions.

How Does My Registry Work With NameBlock?

NameBlock connects to your backend service provider and then maintains domain block lists as they are created, renewed, or deleted. Blocked domains don't resolve or have a WHOIS entry so there aren't any related fees or other management involved.


Backend Connection

NameBlock connects to your backend service provider via API. If an API connection is not available NameBlock will publish a file with all of the currently active blocks so that the backend provider can import them into the system.


Blocking Choices

Once the connection is established, each registry can choose which pre-defined levels of blocks they would like registrars to offer their customers.


Revenue Model

Once a Registry is connected to NameBlock it is time to sit back and relax. Blocking happens automatically as end-users place orders at their preferred Registrar or directly at NameBlock.com. Registries get paid a revenue share of each block that is applied to their zone.

Blocking Levels

Registries can choose which levels of blocks they want end users to choose from. Some registries may not want to allow fill wildcard blocks, while others may be open to anything! NameBlock is an easily customizable solution that prevents DNS Abuse and has something for everyone!

Exact Match Blocking

Blocks domains exactly matching your block label


Utilizes our Variant Generator & String Evaluation Algorithms.

WildCard Blocking

Block domains with anything to the left and right of your block label

How Does NameBlock Work?

NameBlock helps prevent DNS Abuse by using several variant generator and string evaluation algorithms to identify the different variations of the registrant’s block term that are the most likely to be targeted for abusive purposes.

Single Extension Blocking

Our smallest blocking package makes it easy for registrants to protect themselves from abuse within a specific TLD.

Domain Block List

This list of domains includes all of iQ's DNS Abuse data. We use machine learning to identify terms that are the most likely to be used for malicious activity online.


Multi-block options include wildcard, choose your own extension and more! These options are available at a fixed cost per extension and offer volume and term discounts.

Valuable Domain Registrations

NameBlock's algorithm identifies names that shouldn't be blocked! If a typo version of a block is actually a dictionary word or registered trademark, we don't block it!


Want to learn more?

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Do I need to sign any agreement before I can get started?

You need to sign our NDA so that we can walk you through the payments, levels of blocks, integration steps and more. Contact us via hello@nameblock.com to take the next step!

Can we test our connection prior to launch?

Yes! We have a sandbox environment that will allow you to test and check all of your endpoints. NameBlock will connect to your backend service provider in order to apply and remove the blocks, and there is a portal for registries to manage what levels of blocks they want to offer for their extensions as well as a dashboard to monitor all of the blocks active in your namespace.

How do I set up an account?

First, you’ll need to sign our NDA and our master agreement. Then, a simple API integration from your backend service provider into the NameBlock system enables you to offer blocks in each of your extensions.

What are the different block options that my TLD(s) can offer?

Anti-Abuse Blocking, Exact Match Blocking, Wildcard Blocking, Single-TLD, as well as Multi-Block. To learn more about the different block options contact us at hello@nameblock.com!

Do I need to include my TLD(s) in all available packages, or can I choose which ones I prefer to be part of?

You can choose which packages you want your TLD(s) to be a part of.

Is there a fee schedule or pricing document that I can look at?

We’re happy to send over pricing details - shoot us an email at hello@nameblock.com today!

Will a blocked name have to pay the ICANN fee, if applicable?

No! Blocked domains do not actually exist in the zone file, so there aren't any ICANN Fees. If an end-user wishes to unblock and use one of the domains that was previously blocked, then all standard ICANN rules and fees apply to only that domain.

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