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What Is BrandLock?

BrandLock blocks domain names that are identical to the Block Label under one or several participating top-level domains.

The Block Label itself must meet certain requirements, e.g. not include special characters or be an IDN, not begin or end with a hyphen, must consist of 3-63 characters and so on.

If a blocked domain name is searched for, Registrars will show, in their search results, that the domain is not available. It is not a premium name, it is not on the aftermarket, it is simply not available for registration.

What Are The Benefits of Using BrandLock?

BrandLock is perfect for end-users with or without a trademark that are trying to protect an idea or product name. BrandLock helps end-users protect their brands by blocking the registration of their exact match domain names across multiple domain extensions. This prevents unauthorized use of their brand names, reducing the risk of cybersquatting, typo-squatting, and other malicious activities.


Protect Your Idea

BrandLock has multiple levels of verification; when a valid SMD file is presented a block is instantly approved; however, if a applicant does not have a valid SMD file there are other levels of verification that NameBlock checks to make sure that the block being applied for is not infringing on anyone else’s mark.



Once an end-user protects their idea or marks it is safe, as long as it is renewed. When the time comes for that block to be used, the existing end-user can unblock their term across one or multiple extensions!


Revenue Sharing

Participating registries receive a share of the revenue for every BrandLock block that is applied for and approved in any of their extensions.

Registries simply sign our NDA to learn more about this

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