What Is AbuseShield?

AbuseShield is a powerful data-driven tool that blocks the variants of a domain name that are commonly used for abusive purposes.

Thanks to NameBlock’s carefully created algorithm, AbuseShield is able to identify and block only the variants that would otherwise be used for abuse. Up to 500 variants will be generated, consisting of e.g. homoglyphs, abuse suffixes and common misspellings.

AbuseShild prevents abuse before it happens, while leaving legitimate domains untouched.

AbuseShield doesn't require a trademark. As long as the owner of the block label domain name registration and the AbuseShield block owner are the same, you can take advantage of this powerful tool to protect your brand online.

Our abuse variants algorithm powers AbuseShield to generate an Abuse Variant List consisting of up to 500 variants of a domain name based on parameters like abuse suffixes, homoglyphs, and common misspellings.

If a blocked domain name is searched for, Registrars will show, in their search results, that the domain is not available. It is not a premium name, it is not on the aftermarket, it is simply not available for registration.

What Are The Benefits of Using AbuseShield?

Being proactive is key in today's world - for Registries to maintain the integrity of their namespace, for Registrars to curb the amount of abusive registrations and the costs it entails to manage them, and for Brand Owners to protect their brands online.
AbuseShield is a mutually beneficial, proactive solution that blocks the variants of a domain name that are commonly used for DNS Abuse, such as phishing, malware, and spam.


Protects Your Brand

The biggest benefit of AbuseShield is that it prevents DNS Abuse from affecting brands online while at the same time providing resellers and registries with a new revenue stream.


Prevents Cyber Fraud

Impersonation online is a common problem affecting both brands and internet users every day, leading to sensitive personal and financial information ending up in the wrong hands.

By extracting patterns from thousands of domain names and abuse reports, AbuseShield is able to identify the variants of a domain name most commonly used for these purposes, and block them before they get registered.


Easy to Use

AbuseShield is easy for registries to sign up for, easy to implement for the reseller, and easy to buy for brand owners. Participating registrars offer AbuseShield as an add-on during the regular domain registration or renewal flow, making it easily accessible at the relevant time!



AbuseShield is an affordable way to protect brands online compared to individual enforcement efforts when damage has already been done.



The abuse variants algorithm used by AbuseShield is continuously updated to keep pace with the evolving tactics of cybercriminals. This means that you can trust that your business is protected against the latest threats.

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